PEO & Employer of Record in China

The alternative to your own representative office or establishing your own subsidiary in China.

Our Solutions

PEO & Employer of Record

Hire staff in China fast and compliantly, without the need to setup an entity.

Contractor Management

Pay contractors in China compliantly to meet in-country regulations and requirements.

Temporary Staffing

Employ local Chinese nationals for project-based jobs through an expertise HR company.

Payroll Outsourcing

With or without an entity in China, Song Hong will process your staff’s payroll on a monthly basis.

Industry-leading, China-based PEO & Employer of Records.

PEO & Employer of Record in China

Hire staff in China within days, and setup a local presence without the hassle to incorporate an expensive entity.

Local Employment Contract

Your China-based staff will sign a local employment contract with Song Hong’s licenced HR entity. Hence, Song Hong will become the local Employer of Record. Labor Contracts are bi-langual in Chinese and English, as well as confirmed and registered with the Labor Bureau for compliance with PEO / EoR labor laws and regualtions in China.

Staff On-Boarding

Once your China candidate is selected and the offer letter has been successfully signed, our local HR team will schedule an onboarding conference call with all stakeholders involved. Upon introduction, the administrative on-boading will take around 3-5 days. In specific cases, contract back-dating is possible when hiring through PEO / EOR.

Payroll Processing

Through Song Hong’s PEO & Employer of Record solution, full payroll processing includes: Social insurances & Housing Fund contributions (both employer & employee part) Individual Income Tax declaration, payslip provision, special tax deductions application, expenses declaration, employment documents support (for loans, visa applications, etc.).

Expenses Declaration

Upon confirmation by the client abroad on the total amount to be reimbursed to the staff, expenses receipts (Fapiao 发票) are registered and declared with the local Tax Bureau for compliance. The total expenses amount is then reimbursed tax-free along with the staff’s following months’ payroll accordingly. This service is fully included in Song Hong’s PEO / EoR services.

Confidentiality / Non-Disclosure

To fully meet our client’s requirements, our PEO & Employer of Records’ employment relationships cover extensive contractual and post-contractual confidentiality, non-disclosure, non-solicitation and non-competition arrangements. Solutions can be tailored as per the client’s long-term strategic plan with its employees in China.

Renewal / Termination Procedure

In case a client would like to stop an in-country presence when employing staff through our PEO & Employer of Records solution, we do not apply any termination fees. In any case, only the applicable staff’s severance obligations as per Chinese-Labor laws as well as the termination notice period (60 days) would need to be met.

Getting Started

Why choose Song Hong Consulting?

With a track-record of providing HR solutions to foreign coprorations expanding to China since 2005, Song Hong is the reliable partner onsite.

Licensed PEO Agency

Registered employment contracts and payroll processing approved by the authorities. You scale, we hire compliant.

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China HR Experts

With our main office in Shanghai, we provide direct on-site assistance rather than using a local partner.

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Global Client Base

With a strong client base from North America, Europe and Asia, Song Hong has been the PEO & Employer of Records of choice.

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Competitive Pricing

As the staff is hired directly through Song Hong, we provide a competitive rates with scalling headcounts.

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